Recordings as a leader:

Selected Discography

Joanna's Dance, with the Clarence Acox Sextet (Cam Music,1991)

Indigenous Groove, with the Clarence Acox Sextet (Cam Music 1995)

Circle Dancing, with Jay Clayton (Sunnyside Communications 1997)

A Little Moonlight, with Janis Mann (Pancake Records 1997)

Lost In His Arms, with Janis Mann (Pancake Records 1999)

So Many Stars, with Janis Mann (Pancake Records 2000)

Greta Matassa: All This and Heaven Too: Live at Bake's Place (Origin Records 2001)

Greta Matassa and Mimi Fox: Two for the Road (Origin Records 2002)—this is available as both a CD and a DVD

She's The Woman (Favored Nations, 2004) with Bay Area guitarist extraordinaire Mimi Fox and bassist Ray Drummond

As The Fates Decide, with Katy Bourne (Pony Boy 2011)

One By One, with Bernie Jacobs (Pony Boy 2012)

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