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Use with discretion. If you send out promotional material, spam or, really, any blanket emails to these fine musicians I will find you. 

Hey pianists, check out this cool database for piano teachers created by Scot Ranney on his site!! 


1. Who are these directories for?

These are for 1) a musician who needs to find a sub for a gig, 2) anyone who wants to look up the contact info for a particular musician, 3) a contractor, bandleader, booking agent, club owner, or a father of the bride looking to hire musicians, 4) a musician booking a regional or national tour who needs to hire capable band members in each community, 5) a music teacher trying to attract local or online students, or 6) a student looking for local or online lessons.

2. How big is this project – how many musicians altogether, and where are they from?

There are currently over 2100 musicians in the directories, from six continents. (I’m still trying to tap into the Antarctica music scene. 🙂 ) You’ll notice a disproportionate number of Seattle musicians in each directory. That’s only because I live in Seattle and began by reaching out to those in my community. But there are now hundreds of musicians from New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, as well as Canada, Argentina, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The project launched in October 2018 and very quickly went global.

3. Are there any musicians in here who I might recognize?

There’s a very good chance that some of your local colleagues are in here. Just scroll down to your metropolitan area in any directory and take a look. If you’re asking whether there are any musicians in here with national or international visibility, here are a few:

Vocalists: Jay Clayton, Dena DeRose, Denise Donatelli, Madeline Eastman, Hilary Gardner, Niki Haris,  Sheila Jordan, Nancy Kelly, Johnaye Kendrick,Rebecca Kilgore, Kathy Kosins, Kitty Margolis, Greta Matassa, Stephanie Nakasian, Jackie Ryan, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Kendra Shank, Tierney Sutton,  Roseanna Vitro,  Judy Wexler 

Keyboardists: Pat Bianchi, George Cables, George Colligan, Marilyn Crispell, Taylor Eigsti, Benny Green, Christian Jacob, Justin Kauflin, Bill Mays, Luis Perdomo, Roberta Piket, Otmaro Ruiz, Matthew Shipp. Michael Wofford

Guitarists: Bruce Forman, Mimi Fox, Jack Wilkins, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Steve Cardenas

Bassists: Ben Wolfe, Dave Friesen, Harvie S, Michael Bisio, Lynn Seaton

Drummers/Percussionists: Ari Hoenig, Bobby Sanabria, Ignacio Berroa, Todd Strait

Wind players: Bobby Shew, Jiggs Wigham, Pete Christlieb, Kim Richmond, Gary Smulyan, Terell Stafford, Holly Hofmann, Bob Mintzer, John Fedchock, Ray Vega, Clay Jenkins, Michael Rabinowitz

4. You emailed me to invite me to sign up. Just curious: how did you hear of me?

Either you’re as well-known as the above musicians, or someone recommended you, or I came across your website and decided to reach out to you. Frankly, I’m exploring every angle I can to expand the roster!

5. Have you vetted these musicians? How will I know whether or not they’re any good?

Well…yes and no. If I personally invited you to join a directory, it was either because I was already familiar with your music or after I listened to a sound file or two and determined that you’re serious about your music. But if you heard about the directories through the grapevine and signed up uninvited, I’m truly happy that you did, and welcome!  Even if I had time to “audition” each and every musician, I wouldn’t want to. Think of these directories as modern-day phone books: anyone and everyone is in there – perhaps some musicians of questionable ability, but also an impressive array of the world’s finest, as you can see from the list in answer #3 above.

So how can you tell if the more “local” musicians are any good? That’s simple: visit their websites and read their resumes, listen to their sound files, check their endorsements, etc.  If someone doesn’t have a website – well, that might indicate that he or she may not be the first one to call.

6. What must I pay to join?

These directories are and will always be free to join and free to use. At some point, I may solicit advertisers to help pay for my time and effort in maintaining the directories, but even then there will be no charge to the musicians.

7.Can I join more than one directory?

As many as you like. If you sing, play both piano and alto saxophone, write your own music and teach, there’s five directories right there that you’d be eligible to join.

8. Oops!  I need to edit some of the info I just submitted. How can I do that?

I get that a lot. I’m working on it, trust me! Until self-editability is available, there are two easy workarounds: 1) Just submit a new form with the correct info. As soon as it shows up in the directory, I’ll delete your old one. 2) Just email me the changes you want to email hidden; JavaScript is required. Copy-and-paste is a wonderful invention – I can update your line in seconds!

9. Is there a search function?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Again, it’s in the works. The good news is that there are separate directories for each instrument and that musicians are alphabetized by last name and grouped by cities, which are also alphabetized. So looking up Tallahassee musician Pete Saxophone is pretty easy: just go to the Wind Player directory, then scroll down to the Tallahassee section: you’ll find him sandwiched between Tom Sanders and Fred Taylor. But I get it – it would be nice to do a specific search for, say, Australian tenor saxophone players. Not happening yet, but soon I hope!

10. I just submitted the form and then checked the directory, but my submission looks weird: the font is too big, the background colors are wrong, and I’m not alphabetized correctly. What gives?

You did nothing wrong. Google sends your info from the form to the spreadsheet unformatted, so I’ll take care of that, probably later the same day.

11. I noticed that while it’s optional to include my phone number, the email address is a required field – why? I’d like to join but am afraid that the spambots will be on me before I know it. Is there a way I can join without including my email address?

Here’s an easy solution: submit the form with “email hidden; JavaScript is required” as your address, then I’ll immediately replace that with “Please contact me at www.(your website url).com.” 

12. I just got some spam and I think it was because I’m on the directory. What can I do?

Seriously? My I will find you warning didn’t work?! Forward the spam to me at email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll make them rue the day they messed with you. FYI, I’ve had absolutely no reports of spam since I posted the warning.

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