Metaphors for the Musician was released in January 2002. Although remarkably error-free for a new book of its size, a few mistakes crept into the first edition* that were corrected in the brand new second edition. If you find others, please don’t hesitate to notify Randy at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

*(characterized by a plain white back cover)

1. An important credit was inadvertently omitted from the front of the book:
Cover design by Bill Olmstead and Janis Mann

2. The inside cover page lists Randy’s old e-mail address. He’s now at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

3. On page 69, the first staff of music is incorrect. Here’s the right one:


4. On page 122, last line, first measure: the note on beat 4 should be G, not Eb. This is also true on page 317.

5. On page 130, the fourth note on the first staff should be F#, not F.

6. On page 131, the C7 alterations on line 2 should be b9, #9, and #5.

7. On page 141, the text at the very top of the page should be

6. B7 C (not 6. 7 C)

and on line 2 the text in parentheses should be (b9 or #9 and a #5).

8. On page 151, the Gmi7 on the second staff is a III chord, not a II chord.

9. On page 156, the last note in the next-to-last measure should be F (not Eb).

10. On page 169, the musical example is the wrong one. Here’s the right one:


11. On page 175, the comment at the bottom regarding the G minor bebop scale refers to measure #8.

12. On page 176, the hira-joshi scale is wrong. Here’s the correction:


13. On page 189, the second staff, the third of the C7(#5b9) chord is E, not Eb.

14. On page 195, next-to-last paragraph, line 1: the interval structure of the Eb diminished scale is W H W H W H W H. (The last H is missing.)

15. On page 243, paragraph 3, line 2: the 13th of A7 is F# (not Fb).

16. On page 244, paragraph 3, line 2: the dominant 7th alterations should be b9, #9, and b13.

17. On page 248, third staff, first measure: the Cmi7 voicing (Eb/C4) is bIII/I, not bII/I.

18. On page 258, the last voicing in the second measure should be Db/C7 (not Bb/C7) and the failure code should be 24.

19. On page 260, paragraph 1, line 6: replace Dbdim/C7 with Bbdim/C7.

20. On page 320, the last note in the next-to-last measure should be F (not Eb), and on page 321 the last note is Bb (not D).

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